1) Who was voted "Best Personality"?
Lyndon Bell & Alisha Keyes
Robert Au & Libby Schaaf
Mark Allums & Natalie Gee
John Moffatt & Mia Wright
2) Who kept the JV & Varsity score books in Basketball?
Darren Wright & ErickWright
Tracey Rico & Rhonda Lockhart
Paul Friant & Colleen Dalton
Amy Brewer & Heather Pieraldi

3) Which Classmate is not a Doctor?
Jean-Paul Popoff
Rhonda Lockhart
Charles Della-Santina
Gioia Herring
4) Who is the Director of Player Development for the Atlanta Falcons?
George Wilcox
Ken Rose
Darin Daskarolis
Kevin Winston

5) Who was voted most intelligent?
Charles Cypher & Sandra Millward
Michael Simpson & Alexis Davis
Eugene Buck & Suzanna Chan
Thomas Ashby & Lynn Havemann
6) Who were the class speakers at Graduation?
David Cotten, Alexis Davis & Angela Wells
Christine Lucas, Pamela Kimball & Doug Huber
Wendy Chinn, David Eade & Sheila Taylor
Derron Thibodeaux, Traci Mann & Alisa Hause

7) Who was voted best dancers?
David Kennix & Susan Laws
Roderick Reed & Denise Taylor
Alec Way & Pam Kimball
Juan Pinkston & Yolanda Adams
8) Who won the Super Bowl in 1983?
Washington Redskins
San Francisco 49ers
Oakland Raiders
Miami Dolphins

9) Someone is traveling 3071 miles to come, what state do they live in?
New York